Comprised of fiberglass and composite acrylic, Pangaea is designed to stand out as a true centerpiece in any given space. In one instance, Pangaea’s greatest single surface is created when the side tables are nested into the main table, and in another instance, Pangaea has the ability to inhabit an entire area as the side tables drift away from the main table and settle into new places within the space.  Inspired by the abstract forms and barren voids found in surrealism, Pangaea is the embodiment of these forms brought to life as a low coffee table.

Tap to Move Side Tables


Pangaea is a prime example of using cutting edge design software and preproduction techniques to achieve a finished design that can be completely hand built and produced. All models are not only made by hand, but also made to order.


Pangaea has the unique ability to work across multiple interior settings from residential, to corporate, to high end dining environments. This flexibility is made possible by the durable, easy to maintain Corian tops on all pieces. Coupled with the super rigid fiberglass body, metal base plating, and padding, Pangaea is a suitable addition to a wide array of interior settings, a piece of fine art that can not only be appreciated but actually used on a regular basis.


The first edition of Pangaea will be offered exclusively in the jet black body / pearl grey top combination. Only twelve sets will ever be built to this original spec. Each set will have its own unique model number (01 - 12) engraved into the metal base plate of each piece as a stamp of authenticity and exclusivity. For custom or one-off versions, see the Custom Design page for details on how to design your own spec.


All Livesay Ether pieces are available to order exclusively through the Wexler Gallery of Philadelphia and online at Please visit the Place Oder page for more information on how to order, and see Pangaea and their entire collection of works on offer at