Livesay Studio - formerly Livesay Ether - was founded by designer Samuel Pawlak in 2017 as a design studio and creative entity for high end furniture and art pieces. Pawlak grew up in rural upstate New York, and from a young age expressed a deep passion within the realm of fine art and design. Pawlak attended and graduated from Jefferson University with a degree in industrial design (‘12 - ‘16). This is where Pawlak honed his craft for furniture design as well as pursued a concentration in business administration. As Pawlak’s studies regarding furniture developed a more focused path, the medium of fiberglass construction became of great interest to Pawlak as he entered his final year at Jefferson. He felt the medium granted him the most design freedom when it came to form. Pawlak’s understanding of business, passion for furniture, and knowledge of fiberglass construction therefore laid the framework for the creation of Livesay Studio.


Post university, Pawlak began designing multiple furniture pieces as he formulated what Livesay as a studio and a brand would represent. After much iterating, a low coffee table set, which came to be known as Pangaea, was chosen as the final concept to move forward with as the first piece to launch. The piece most clearly represented what Pawlak wanted Livesay to stand for as Pangaea conformed to no real boundaries and was designed with a heightened sense of flamboyancy and fluidity.  The first prototype of Pangaea was built entirely by hand in Pawlak's downtown apartment with only a few plastic tarps separating the work space from the rest of his living space. Though now located in a more appropriate studio space, this original and unwelcoming setup, constant chemical and dust smell, and long weekend hours spent building the piece encapsulated Pawlak's ever present entrepreneurial spirit. From concept to completion, the project took over two and a half years to perfect and complete.


In late 2018, Pawlak’s debut piece, Pangaea was commissioned by the Wexler Gallery of Philadelphia.  The piece was launched in summer, 2019 as a twelve set limited edition collection. Today, the piece is now sold directly through artist Samuel Pawlak.